Follow me on an adventure in Online Marketing – Zero to $300 a Day. The first goalpost is $100 per day for at least 1 week.

$100 Bucks a Day.  $3,000 a month.  To some of you, that’s a lot, to others, not so much – you already make more than that, but are still struggling to pay the bills and buy the extras you need.

To me, it’s a beginning:

It’s the first goalpost in my journey

I am following Verena Ho of Rapid 5K Subs to build my list, and using specific methods to make the marketing teachings in my emails series interesting and actionable.

I share the ups and downs, the scares and triumphs as I wend my way from Zero $$ to $300/day, $9,000 a month.

I’m looking forward to the tests and challenges I’ll be facing during my adventure.




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I don’t expect everything I do to work, but when I fall on my face I’ll let you know.  Discovering what not to do can be every bit as exciting as the successful moves.  That’s how you learn to make a success of a thing. I’m going for the gold, no holds barred.

See how it’s done.

What I learn, I pass on to you. I coach, mentor, share, and I’m a cheerleader.

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Looky-loo’s are welcome, and I understand broken English – no worries.

Rootin’ for ya’!

Annie McGuire